The 0517 led of Death and the blessed alt_disk_copy

Yesterday I upgraded an AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1 TL07. But it failed the first time.

First of all I did the rootvg copy to another disk, create the fbo adapter in the VIO and map the AIX6.1 DVD1 to the partition. Then I rebooted the client and booted from the dvd. After some minutes, my system was on AIX6.1 TL04, everuthing went ok.

It’s time to apply patches to get the system on TL07. The .bff’s are on another machine so I exported that filesystem with NFS and mounted on my client. And I started the upgrade!

Apparently, everything went ok too, but… it wasn’t. Next reboot, the HMC shows the led code 0517 in the partition… and hangs… for a loooong time….. So, what was the problem? I did this way several times before in other systems…

I checked my led_code.pdf file …

0517: Explanation: Mounting client remote file system during network IPL.

I did not understand … “remote filesystem” ??? why ???

I tried to boot in service mode and tried to mount rootvg’s filesystems or checked them… but I was impossible… each time system tried to access rootvg, it hanged.

So the only thing left to do was to start it over.

I rebooted, started from the “altisnt_rootvg”, I deleted the “old_rootvg” and made another alt_disk_copy. And started the migration + upgrade one more time.

This time everything went ok (in fact just like before…) but this time, after the upgrade, it booted correctly.

Why hanged the first time? Well, the only thing was that in the middle of the upgrade, my vpn was disconnected from the customer… I don’t know if this can affect the whole process. Other times my connection has got disconnected, then I connected another time and nothing happen.

The only thing I know is that backup is and always will be a MUST ;)



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