Sometimes the system lies…

Recently I had to install sddpcm drivers on customer’s VIO servers. The environment is formed by 2 P520 machines with redundant VIO servers each of them.So, my work was to install the drivers on 4 machines.

Before doing this installation, we “moved” one partition from machine 2 to machine 1. The rootvg disks of this micropartition were located on local LV mapped from the VIO servers, so I had to clone the rootvg on a LUN disk. Then, I created a new micropartition on machine 1, attach this LUN to it and boot. Later I imported the data vg’s on this new micropartition and everything booted correctly on machine 1.

Now that I had machine 2 without running partitions it was time to install the drivers on the VIOs.

Everything was ok: I broke VIOs mirror and make a clone of rootvg, installed drivers and rebooted.

When I tried to relocate that micropartition I moved from machine 2 to machine 1 so I could have machine 1 without running micropartitions, I booted the micropartition and all the vg’s could not be activated. Why?!The system told me the PVs were corrupted… That wasn’t true. If I booted the micropartition on machine 1, everything went ok, so what was the problem?

I tried to export the vg and reimport it, delete the disk, discover it again… nothing worked… The vg’s could only be activated in micropartition located in machine 1 not on machine 2.

– Yes, reserve policy of disks was set to ‘no_reserve’ –

I decided to go ahead and leave the micropartitions stopped until I finished the driver installation.So I proceed the same way on machine 1 as in machine 2.

Time to activate vg’s on micropartition on machine 2.

I thought: ok, let’s start again from the beginning.

1. I created a new LUN on the storage

2. map to one vio on machine 1

3. map to one vio con machine 2

4. map to the micropartition on machine 1, everything ok.

5. shutdown micropartition

6. map the same LUN to the micropartition on machine 2

7. boot micropartition and oh!!! everything is activated!!

So, I think there was some type of block at storage level or vscsi level because the very firsts mappings of that micropartition were made without sddpcm driver installed on the VIO servers. I cannot find any other explanation.

When I install a VIO server, I install sddpcm driver. Always. (if storage permits, obviously) But I did not install these VIO servers…

Anyway, everything is up & running. The only thing left is to rebuild the mirrors of the rootvg VIOs.



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